Cool Wedding Catering Gimmicks in Nashville, TN

Great Options for Catering

A wedding reception will be more exciting if the food is delicious and the service is satisfying. You wanted to treat your guest in the most special way because it is your wedding day. Some couples are takings weeks and months just to hire the caterer that suits their taste. We normally experience a buffet or sit down setting in reception. Now, try something new and cool gimmicks in a wedding catering in Nashville, TN.

BBQ Station. Set up a party where the food is applicable for all ages. Make it a set up that is convenient to all. How about a BBQ station?  It is like you are in your high school days attending acquaintance paWedding Catering Servicesrty  is a set up to lighten the mood of the celebration and your guest will really enjoy. Just make sure that you are going to have this kind of set up in an outdoor venue or open space so that your dress and hair will not smell smokey.

Dessert Station.  The dessert in weddings is usually cakes, ice creams and other stuffs. How about a DIY or do it yourself station.  You will need to prepare gummies, candies, chocolates, fresh fruits and jellies. These desserts are common for children only but nowadays you can mix your own.  Add a chocolate fountain and marshmallow for a complete dessert station, read more.

Serve cupcakes. Instead of a piece of the wedding cake, why not serving mini cupcakes? Cupcakes are very attractive in weddings now because you can design it with creams and the toppings that you like. It is  loved by women and kids attending the celebration.  Cupcakes are also used as wedding cakes instead of the traditional chiffon cake.

Fruit Punches.  To encourage your guest to stay fit, serve them with fruit punches. Usually, they are expecting for a soda in a formal setting but give their palate a new taste.

Think about the cool wedding catering gimmicks in Nashville, TN and apply it in your own wedding.

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