for Indian Wedding Planner: Traditional vs. Contemporary Indian Wedding

Typical vs. Modern Wedding Ceremony for Indians

Indian weddings are oftentimes quite traditional, considering the many rituals and ceremonies that are involved in the entire wedding celebration. A traditional Indian wedding usually go on for many days before the actual wedding day. If you’re planning to have an Indian wedding, make sure to hire a good and reliable organizer to do the tasks for you. for Indian wedding planner are more than welcome to assist you.

Traditional Indian Wedding

Some of the rituals that take place during the wedding celebration is exchanging of gifts between the two parties or families of the bride or the groom. But one of the most colorful celebrations is the singing of songs and dance rituals. And who would not love the traditional cosmetics and jewelry that are carefully adorned to the bride?

indian weddingIn a traditional Indian wedding, an altar is set with a lit fire on it using special oils only mean for this ceremony. Then a priest conducts the wedding ceremony before the bride and the groom. The couple walks around a few times while holding each others arms and followed by the placement of flower garlands on the couples and the groom puts a locket around his wife’s neck.

Contemporary Indian Wedding

For some Indians who have lived outside their native homes, their wedding ceremony rituals are sometimes adapting to the communities where they currently belong. A fusion of traditional Indian wedding and contemporary Indian rituals often result in very colorful celebration from hairstyle down to the gown that they will use. for Indian wedding planner can help you achieve the kind of celebration that you desire. Whether it’s a traditional or contemporary ritual, they can surely assist you in any way you want, check this site

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