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Different Types of Silk for a Silk Wedding Dress in Houston TX

Houston TX Silk Types and its Features

Known as the most expensive fabric for wedding dresses, silk is still the most sough-after. You are wrong if you think that silk is simply as that. Behind that expensive look, silk has many types that every bride should know when planning to have a silk wedding dress in Houston TX.

wedding dressRaw Silk
Also known as Noil silk, it is made from what is left in the combing and carding process of manufacturing silk. This is the reason why it does not shine like the other types of silks. But it is a versatile fabric with a matte surface bur rough finish. With no pin holes, it is also usually distinguished through its nubby feeling and fine flecks, this fabric is commonly used for prom dresses in Houston.

Silk Mikado
This is the type of silk that is heavier than a 100% silk. It is blended with a heavy drape and luster that makes it look elegant. For stiffer wedding dresses that can hold its shape, silk Mikado is the right choice.

Crepe de Chine
This type of silk is known through its lightweight and pebbly look instead of it being shiny like the usual silk. This is made possible by having some fibers twisted clockwise and counterclockwise. Then the twisted fibers are entwined in a plain weave fabric. With this, both the front and back of the fabric has the same features.

Charmeuse is your traditional silk with. Its front is a shimmery satin weave while its back is a flattened crepe. Another feature of this type of silk is that it has more drapes than the Crepe de Chine.

Other types of silk that can be used for a silk wedding dress in Houston TX are chiffon, Dupion silk, Fuji silk, Habotai silk, Tussah silk, and other silks that are already mixed with other types of fabrics. When choosing wedding dresses in Houston you need to consider the style of your hair.

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