How to Do the Rehearsal Wedding Dinner?

Simple Planning Guide for Your Rehearsal

dinnerWhen you’re busy taking care of the zillion details for the reception and so forth, it’s easy to lose sight of the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. This is actually one of the most important parts of the wedding that you should put attention too. It is understandable that you have so many things to do but, you also need to do the rehearsal. This warmup is usually done the night before the ceremony at the ceremony site, so you’ll need to make sure that venue is available. If not, the vendor may be able to let you sneak in for a bit a few days before the wedding. Of course, you’ll need to make sure your attendants, officiant, and other key people can make it. When selecting the officiant, make sure you discuss rehearsal. Some rehearsal are hour-long ordeals with the couple and attendants practicing every move and learning every cue; others just a quick goings-over of the order.

The best part is what happens after the rehearsal: the dinner. Traditionally the groom’s parents host the dinner; the conventional guidelines have changed so much that you need to clarify early on who pays for what. This is very important in the wedding planning. You need to know how will pay for the details of your wedding event. The main thing is to keep the dinner casual; it should be a laid-back time with your inner circle of family and friends. In a nutshell, the rehearsal dinner should help put you at ease, not to be a stress-inducing event. You can reserve tables or a room in a favorite restaurant, or the parents my want to invite everyone over for burgers on the grill. The important thing is the camaraderie; it’s a chance for the bride and groom to say thanks before the crazy day ahead.

Depending on where you want the dinner, plan to reserve the venue one to three months before the wedding. Informal invitations – even phone calls – are suitable for the pertinent parties, such as family members, attendants, readers, the officiant, and musicians. Include spouses or significant others in the invitation. You can really add these people for a beautiful wedding party with each other’s families and friends. This will also make them know each other well, interact with each other and have some fun during the event. But first, plan the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner so that you will be well guided on what to do during the wedding event.

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