Trends in the Service of Wedding Catering in Columbus, OH

Following the Wedding Catering Trends

I know it’s your wedding day and you are ready to walk with your fabulous dress and hairstyle. You are absolutely the most beautiful person there is. Your wedding catering must be beautiful as you are as well. You know the rules – the way to your guest’s hearts is through their stomach. So you need to prepare a bounty for them on your big day. Having a wedding catering in Columbus OH is a good choice, there’s so many restaurants in Columbus that you can hire as a catering service. Anyway, there’s a new food trend that you must know to make your wedding catering in Columbus OH chic and fabulous. So spice up your reception with these unique ideas:

cateringDonut Bars

If you don’t have a cake, you can take donuts as an alternative. They are both sweet serious for your wedding day. If you do this to replace your wedding cake, stack up with other sweet treats like macaroons, cake pops or cupcakes. This is a real trend nowadays. Be fancy on styling your supposed to be cake stand and be creative about it.

Cheese Platters

More and more couples prefer cheese platters to be included on their wedding menu. It’s getting a star treatment of the year. Couples are hiring cheese professional to teach the guests knowledge about cheese during cocktail hour. It’s making it more interactive and guess what – you actually learn something as well as taste the different kinds of cheese there is.

Miniature Portions

This kind in catering companies Columbus is getting hotter by the second. Small dishes is making a huge impact without having to spend so much from your budget. The advantage of this style is you can serve so many kinds of food you want because it’s small and affordable.

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