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How to Interview Your Caterer

Looking for a good wedding catering company in Miami FL will end badly for you if you don’t know exactly what kind of service you are looking for, just like in selecting for your hairstyle. Before you head over to a caterer, take the time to sit with your fiancé and talk about your vision and what you exactly want at your wedding. When you already know what exactly it is you want in your wedding you can now visit a wedding catering service in Miami FL to determine if you can have them over at your special day.

wedding cateringHere are a couple questions you may use or keep a note of when you head over to interview your wedding caterers.

What kind of payment is required to reserve your service?
Make sure you have every detail correct including how much you should pay as a down payment, usually you would pay half up front and the remaining balance on the week of your wedding.

When is the deadline for the remaining balance?
Follow up to the first question, make sure you get when exactly you will need to pay the remaining amount so there won’t be any confusion.

Until when is the deadline for listing how many guests we are having?
This is important for your wedding caterer to know. Let’s say you give an initial head count of 200 guests then the week before your wedding you bump it up to 300, this is a big mistake. This is why many catering companies require you give a final head count weeks before so they can prep. You will need to check up with all your guests making sure if they any plus ones and others who are not coming. Visit for top caterers around Miami.

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