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Suburbs Locations for Your High Rise Wedding Venue in Chicago IL

High Rise Suburb Places in Chicago, IL to Book for a Wedding

Planning a wedding would be a fun experience for both couple, start from the wedding dress, hairstyle, catering and most especially on the wedding venue. Some high rise wedding venues in Chicago, IL are not mostly in downtown but are also found at the suburbs of Chicago. These four places have garden that are favorable for couples who love nature. A breath of fresh air and its beautiful surroundings will delight the guests and the newlyweds.

Wedding Venue

Cantigny Park (Wheaton)

A well-known choice for an outdoor wedding located in the western part of the suburbs. With many gardens to choose from, the newlyweds will definitely enjoy its beauty as they walk down the aisle. A great musician for the wedding will surely make your walk more memorable. The couple and the guests will have a fun time dancing and dining at the visitor’s center. Because of this, this place is now one of the most popular wedding venues in Chicago Illinois.

Danada House (Wheaton)

A mansion bought during 1980s by the Dupage County Forest Preserve, a lot of changes was made. The latest changes are found in the garden. It now has a brick walk and a white ceremony archway. Rehearsal will be necessary to be in tune with the music for it would be another long walk down the aisle.

Riverside Receptions (Geneva)

A charming courtyard out front for the ceremonies and the hall is near the proximity to everything else in downtown. A bride will not have a hard time planning a Geneva inspired wedding. This place lives up to its name with its panoramic views of the Fox River that will surely get most of the attention.

The Herrington (Geneva)

This place is a street down from Riverside Receptions with the same owner. Here the Herrington Inn and Spa is equipped with conventional and ambient rooms. It has two reception spaces downstairs. On the other hand, the dining room and the area upstairs are for cocktails and dancing.

The positive reviews from past clients and critics made each of the wedding venues featured as a high rise wedding venue in Chicago, IL. Whatever theme you choose for your wedding will not be a problem. For additional information and photos, you may contact them from their websites.

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