Tips in Choosing Charming and Lovely Flower Girls for Your Wedding

Finding Cute and Charming Flower Girls

Wedding EntourageFlower girls are definitely cute as buttons, but they are not without some do’s and dont’s. Read this nitty gritty about the role of the flower girls and how to make these little ladies behave properly while enjoying their roles in your wedding.

As adults, you might think that these flower girls’ cruise going down the aisle is a small feat. But it’s not. Consider the myriads of people who’ll be attending the ceremony. For sure, these lovely young ladies might end up overwhelmed by the crowd.

Here are the roles of flower girls in a wedding and some tips to make their role playing easier and more fun.

Usually, flower girls are adorable little girls aged four to eight who go down the aisle before the maid of honor. These are the charming girls that scatter flowers and petals along the bride’s path. Flower girls normally follow the ring bearer or sometimes just before the bride. Aside from carrying a basket full of rose petals, they may also carry a single bloom or a smaller bouquet.

When choosing flower girls, it’s always a good idea to have at least two girls, side by side. This is because partnering them can give these girls confidence and feeling of assurance that they are not alone.

To make sure that your flower girls won’t get spooked during the wedding ceremony, talk to her in advance about the importance of her role and her duties. It’s best if you can have them during your rehearsals to ensure that they get familiar with the crowd and their duties.

Lastly, have the parents seat toward the front of the altar so that the flower girls can focus on them and be encouraged by their presence. Moreover, these little girls can sit right away with her parent after they walk down the aisle. Don’t forget to prepare their dress and wedding hairstyle.

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