Top Three Small Wedding Chapels in Houston, TX for Traditional and Contemporary Ceremonies

Small Wedding Chapels For Wedding Ceremonies

Aside from wedding caterer and hairstylist, you also need to plan for your wedding chapel. There are a number of small wedding chapels in Houston, TX. Couples will not have a hard time to select which wedding chapel should they book for their wedding. What is important to consider when booking the wedding chapel is their approach to the ceremony. Are they traditional or contemporary? It is important to consider, especially for couples with strong religious or tradition background.

wedding chapelSt. Vladimir Russian Orthodox Church
One of the most admired small wedding chapels in Houston is the one located in 24 Tidwell Road, the St. Vladimir Russian Orthodox Church. It is the preferred choice of many wedding couples with strong Christian background and influences. The chapel is small but can accommodate intimate and private weddings. The interiors of the chapel have multitude of icons and traditional Russian decorations, thus making it more beautiful.

Ashton Gardens
If your family does not have a strong religious background, you might be considering wedding chapels for contemporary ceremonies. The Ashton Gardens wedding chapel is spacious and welcomes the soft glow of morning light, but remains an intimate and romantic wedding venue. Ashton Gardens is one of the perfect small wedding chapels to gather your immediate family and closest friends.

Rosemary’s Garden
Another small wedding chapel perfect for an intimate and romantic wedding is the Rosemary’s Garden chapel. The chapel has a seating capacity of up to 120 guests. The number is certainly ideal for a private gathering for families and close friends. You can either personalize the decorations or have them decorate the chapel, as they have a cleanup crew to take care of the plants and floral arrangements, pew bows and candles. Check out this link for more information about wedding venues

Choose from the small wedding chapels in Houston, TX not only according to the number of your guests and budget, but consider as well the type of ceremony that you expect to have.

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